Weekend Fun...

Friday night, was one of the best times, I have ever had with friends from work. My colleagues are a crack up. Melissa and Joy are just so fun to be with. They have totally different personalities, and that's what makes them so interesting. We ate, we laughed, we ate again, and watched "Good Hair". I love this movie. It's fun to discuss hair, especially the creamy crack.They were amazed by how much loving my family was. I had relatives stopping by like every hour, that Mel and Joy were at my place. They enjoyed the company of my family members. The next day, they even text me. Joy, indicated that she fell in love with my family and Mel said that my family kicked butt and were so cool.

While I had my friend over, I finally cut and painted Lana's toe nails. We even helped her with her press on nails, daddy bought her. It was fun. My poor friends got to see how much medication I take at night. I think, I totally freaked them out. (LoL). Joy's husband Jeremy came to pick up her up. He brought two cute familiar friends, Kilo & Yaby . Lana loves playing with the Yorkies. Melissa has two pet Ferrets, Goku and Vegeta, that could not make it to our little get together. Joy and Jeremy's pets are too cute. Jeremy's a great technician. He's cleaned my mother's PC, my brother's laptop and Aunt's Notebook, without any charge. He's really good to Joy. They make a great team, because they're really good people. Melissa is so fun to be around. She can be just as random as I am. We got together, because Melissa is leaving us and heading back home to Miami, Florida. We'll miss her and we wish her the best!

Saturday, we had plans to clean our yard, trim the branches, pick the weeds, tidy up our patio and hang our out door lights. Instead, Sho and Lana decided to get their swim gear on. They had made plans, without me to go swimming. Well, Lana talked me into going, so we put off yard work, for next Saturday. We went to the Lehi Legacy Center to swim. It was fun. Sho and I really got some laps in. We also met with my dear friend, Nofo. It was nice catching up with her. Since, I don't ever go anywhere, I enjoyed this Saturday. We finally got home later in the evening to start my season 6 downloads of Desperate Housewives. This had me up all night. I didn't wake up Sunday, until 1:30pm. We got up, tiddy up the house, got dressed to meet with Sho's brothers, Spencer & Sherman and their families, Lisa, Chrystal and Hadyn. We treated to Texas Roadhouse. It was ummm ummm yummy good! (o:

Later that day, we met at our place to hang out for a while. We had pie and played games. Lisa, Chrystel and I played Phase 10. The guys played games on the PS3, and the kids played games on the Wii. We laughed and joked about many things. We even had home teachers visit us to invite us to a Fireside, in which we declined, because we wanted to spend more time with family. It couldn't have been a more perfect day with my family  in law. I just love them all so much. We really enjoyed the company of Sho's brothers and their families. :o)(o:
Family faces are magic mirrors.  Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future.

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