What about your FRIENDS. . . How many of us have them?

All my life I have struggled as friends came into my life and left. Only few have left unforgettable impressions, which will never allow me to feel the same about what a true friend really is. I have been discredited numerous times by many of my great acquaintances. I truly forgive and forgot these incidences ever existed. My heart always is soft and my mind is open after vengeance is met. I, too, must admit my role in deception. I haven't always been the greatest friend either. My flaws, weaknesses, apprehensiveness and abrupt behavior have compelled me to be the abominable friend. So here it is my sincerest apologies to all who I have offended in my life. I do not deny it; I can only apologize for it. I'm truly sorry. It’s time to make room for love, more love to give and more to receive. Ongoing with laughter will allow more love in our lives. Three simple words, Live, Laugh and Love. These are the words I will live by, thanks to two special friends in my life.

There are two friends I want to acknowledge. One, who has been a rock solid stone in my life, she has kept me grounded; her mistakes were my life's lessons, Her accomplishments became my drive to keep it going when push comes to shove. Her unconditional love for me has never been questionable but undeniable. I would not be half the person I am today if I did not have this person in my life. She gave me life and guided in the right direction because of her love, achievements, and weaknesses. A true friend indeed, my mother.

My other friend came here by choice. I really believe she chose me above all to be her friend. She was sent here for a purpose, greater than my human eye could see. Now I realize how much this special spirit has enlightened my life. She’s the apple of my eye. She makes me feel like life is limitless and that my all my dreams are within reach. She has moved me in ways, I can never illustrate. The feelings I have for this friend are beyond anything I could ever imagine. She is my most honorable friend, my daughter.

I have honestly been blessed with astonishing individuals, who have taught me a thing or two about life and who I have enjoyed having in my life. We've laughed together, we've cried together. Without candy coating our relationships with one another, I will admit times were demanding. These were times that made us or tore us apart. No matter what the circumstances were, you all are still considered A list in my eyes. . Thank you so much for the breathtaking experiences and for being my good friends.

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