HopeKids... MJ's Walk for Cancer was a Success!

MJ's Walk was a complete success story. Last year, I wasn't able to attend the event, because of my RA Health issues. This year, regardless what my body felt I was determined to participate in this special service project. It took me a while to post this, because the walk took a major toll on my body. It's all good. Totally worth it. I was happy that I could bring a group of 10 people to join this amazing cause. I really want to get involved with these cancer events. Our family has also been effected by this disease. Earlier, this year my mother had a biopsy which resulted in a mastectomy. She had her right breast removed. Now, she will be going back in for a second surgery procedure. Her surgeon will be removing her left breast. This has been a difficult time for our family. We have all taken turns helping our mother, physically, emotional, spiritually and financially. I even had my mother and her husband move into my home for a few months. After the walk, we had such a blast. There was all you can eat, cotton candy, cookies, granola bars, snow cones and Pizza. There were cases of water, Rockstars and Powerades everywhere to help keep every hydrated. It was one the funnest days of our 2010 summer.


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