Myspace Troubles...

Hi Stephanie,

I'm sorry to put you on BLAST, I realize and shamefully admit it was my all husband getting at you. He realizes how wrong it was to think he can play games with you, online, after all that he almost lost. He almost lost me. The woman who should be feeling beautiful and sexy because of him. However, after what I found, I wasn't feeling very attractive. Now, I know who I am... I'm beautiful and I don't need my body displayed as hussy, minx or jade. After all the hurt and anger left me. I can't help but to face and confront this with love, strength and much forgiveness. I feel you need to hear me out. I have a lot more class then what was posted back to you from my husband's account. I know I'm better than that. I should have never aired out our dirty laundry like that. He realizes that it's me he wants and loves. It's my body that turns him on. He is sorry he bothered you. He was bored and wanted to mess with you, for laughs. It wasn't right. I told him that although you put yourself out there as a floozy harlot, I'm sure you have feelings too. By the looks of your pictures, you may be lonely. So here it is in my husband's own words...

"My wife means the world to me and because of my undying love for her, I will be saying goodbye to Myspace. I have a problem and I'm working to fix it. I love her and only her. I only want her body next to mine. Only she can turn me on. I love her body, heart, mind, soul and the spirit within her. I won't ever let it hurt my wife again."

He wanted me to send this to you because you blocked his account (which he will be deleting). I can put you behind us and move on. This incident has caused not only me, but both of our families a whole lot of pain and agony. I wish you the best and appreciate that you did not keep him as a friend and that you blocked him from contacting you. Thank you. I only hope that in the future, you will find the kind of love we have for one another.


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