New Years Suprise

I'm no devil and I ain't anything near a Saint, but boy do I have a temper. My poor poor husband, Sho. He has taken so much nonsense from me. I'm a brat, I know. So here we go. . . New Years. Hoi! Ask our good friends and family who have felt my wrath and witness the anger that storms over Sho, when the Queen B is unhappy. Hahahahahaha! Nah, but for reals. . . It's New Years Eve and time to get ready for the Ward Bash. To get all Dolled up, it takes me a good 2 to 3 hours. Yes, Lady don't act like you don't know. Makeup can do wonders. So here I was getting all dressed with the hair all DID. This is how we be celebrating our womanhood. You know this!

It took me a good 2 1/2 hours to dress for the New Years event. I'm ready to get my groove on and shake what my mama gave me. I wanted to show my husband that I still had it going on. We are hanging out with the homies at the dance and the DJ plays "BOOGIE SHOES". Now I'm like "yeah that's it, that's the kut right there". Now I'm really feeling like I'm gonna get down. So, I get up to dance to this classic jam and my husband wants to tell me he doesn't want to dance. So MODED! I'm like "OH HEO NO" and in an instant my ghettoness is loose as I straight turned into the Dramatic Psycho of Charm School.

Beyond pissed off and about to let my rage turn, we headed into the hallway now making our way out before the count down to got eat. Suddenly, the lights in the hall went out. "This is my chance", I thought. ((((DING!)))) When the lights went on, my husband was all shocked and was looking at his buddy like "WTF" and his boy was like "What's up Sho"? He straight told him that as the lights went out, I straight ran over and socked his face. His boy couldn't believe him because I was down the hall wishing an elderly man in our ward, a safe and Happy New Years. I apologized for letting my fist connect with his face. I went home and made sure I'd end his night with a BANG! Happy New Years Baby!

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