Happy "Turkey" Day!

Mom found out before Thanksgiving that her Cancer was back. Not good! Not good at all! So, we all decided to go out to a fancy restaurant for Thanksgiving. We got a call 2 days before Thanksgiving from my sister in law, Ashly (Mone's wife), whom I just adore. She wanted to invite us to her parents house in Mapleton for Thanksgiving. Her parents wanted to cook Thanksgiving dinner for our family and even had us invite the cousins (our other siblings/Aunty Felilia & Uncle Alofa's kids) from Provo over to join us. Can I just tell you, that this was one of the best Thanksgivings our family has ever had. So much love felt from more than 3 different families. We're pretty close to the Rees family (Mone's In-Laws) and if you met them, you would know why. They are amazing people. So much love to give and room to share, always making us feel comfortable, safe and enjoyable. I just love them so much for the unconditional love they show, not only to our dear brother Mone, but to the rest of us, even the extended family. What an amazing couple Bruce & Sandra are. I'll forever be thankful for the amazing meal, great company, yummy desserts and the love we were able to enjoy on such a special day. :)

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