Best Christmas Ever!

 I say best Christmas ever, because it was the most humbling for our family. This was the first Christmas, we really got it right. We woke up with the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional, a beautiful opening prayer with our neighbors (Mom, Dad and Jerome), a heartfelt testimony meeting with the family (Mom, Dad, Jerome, Mone, Ash, Beckham, Loloa Jr, Tue, Sho, Lana and I) *tears*, and the most wonderful breakfast ever. To add to how amazing this day was, Mom went to Sweet's in Provo to help feed the poor, Dad went to church, My little family went to the Provo Cemetery to visit dad (Loloa) and the boys went to drop off gifts and visit with some friends (who were like family) from High School. We ended the day, with great company, dance, laughs, dancing and desert's from our dear brother Spencer and his wife Lisa. It was one of the best Christmases I have ever had. I love my Family!

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  1. Niva Welcome back my friend great to see u posting AGAIN and btw looking HOT keep it up!!!