Mother's Day!

 I didn't really get to know my grandmother. She passed, while I was young. I've heard negative things over the years, with regards to her stubborness and where we all have inherited that from. However, one visit to her grave, a couple years back with mom and Aunty Felila, changed my thoughts about her. Aunty told me amazing stories about her survival, her love, her devotion to my grandfather and her testimony of the church. A great respect, love and admiration for my grandmother was instilled in me that day. I'll never forget my Aunty's words about this strong and amazing woman.

 Mother's Day at Grandma Patosina Maiava Schwenke's grave in Murray, Utah. After a great sacrament meeting at our Lehi 41st Tongan Ward, we headed out to Murray to lay flowers on my grandmothers grave and honor her memory. We miss and love you grandma Patosina.

 The girls. Lana & Jazz

Mom & Grandma Patosina

Mom & I chilling at grandma's grave.

Mom & Lose BBQ ribs for Mama Day and we have my dear cousins Tue and Derek over. I love having them around. It always feels like home, when they're with us. We know they missed their mom (Aunt Freda), and we wanted them to feel like they were home too. My brother Loloa, Jr. called from Texas and you can tell he was teary eyed, when wishing mom and I a happy mother's day. We didn't want the boys to feel that same void.

At the end of the day, my thoughts turned to my sister Lisa Magalei, who's mother passed earlier this year. I prayed for her, that she would be comforted during this time. I know, I get the same feeling, every father's day. Although families are forever, every day here on earth is met with that void, when someone is missing. I love you Lisa. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, especially you single mother's, I love you all.

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