Lana's Muffin Mix...

OMG. I realize I'm such a bad mom. I hate my condition. I was getting ready for work yesterday morning and fell back asleep. I think it may have been the meds. My dear little LanaBear usually gets herself ready for school in the mornings and waits for my mother to pick her up for school. I was knocked out and didn't hear Lana asking for breakfast before school starts. So, the poor girl climbed up the cabinets and got a chocolate chip muffin mix. She read the instructions and made herself muffins. I'm so proud of her, no egg shells, just enough oil, except instead of water, she did use milk, which made them a little thicker than fluffy, but they were actually really good. My hubby Sho, was annoyed she made his mix (LOL), but overall we were both so proud of her. LoL My poor baby, my condition has forced her to be more and more independent, each day.

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