I know I refer to it as our, "Bummer Summer in Bizzy BMore", but that was labeled by my own personal experiences. I don't blame anyone for having a, "Not as Expected" type of summer, but myself. We had our UPS and we had our DOWNS. However, I don't regret any of it. It was a learning experience. An eye opener which taught me many things and made me appreciate everyone back home. 

We took a huge risk in storing our things and leaving our home. I realized there were so many things I could have done to differently to better prepare for an experience like that. I do miss the people we have worked with. The  Baltimore office definitely had an amazing team of people. The trainings and work, taught my husband and I so much about ourselves. endurance, strength and other skills and talents were tested. It may not have seemed so at the time, but we really did learn how to apply ourselves, in anything we do. 

Although, I personally felt our trip, messed up my body, it was definitely an adventure. I have come to realize that life is too short to settle. My husband and I have had the big home and nice furnishing and decor (been there, done that) and felt it was time to make more memories, time to move on. Time to really enjoy life, because the materialistic things and collectibles items can not leave this life with us, when our clock runs out. This life offers so many places to see and much more people to meet.  
Baltimore, Maryland experience selling Safeguard for Silverline gave us a summer memories that I know I will always cherish. Especially, our time together at the end of every crazy day, sharing and talking stories in our apartment about our day and the crazy people we encounter. The competitions on Friday Fun Day. The kai po moments we had with our knock knock partners. This was a summer, we will never forget. Our first year, surviving the crazy heat, humidity and crazy people. 

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