10 things:

The last thing I do before bed:  Hug daughter & Kiss hubby Gnite!

Favorite thing about my house: 3 C's - Comfort, Cozy and Clean!

My signature dish: Teriyaki Stir Fry

The best place to be in the summer: Laying on a beach or floating in a pool.

TV show I can watch over & over, again & again: Spartacus

If I had one do-over: I would have married my husband the first time he asked.

When I need to unwind: Chamomile Tea and a great movie.

Celebrity crush: Manu Bennett & Dwayne Johnson

Words I live by:  Think like a queen!

On Sunday mornings, you'll find me: In deep meditation, preparing for Sunday school.

I'm inspired by: beautiful people, places, words and acts of service.

Day I'd love to live again: The firs time I met, danced and kissed my love.

I could spend the whole day: Kissing the love of my life.

I feel my prettiest when: all Dollie(d) up

It's worth the splurge: An Original Tiffany's Engagement Ring

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