I have been focused on other things, but I'll be back soon!

I've been focused on my weight. I started at 280 lbs. and now I'm 260 lbs. My goal is 180 lbs. I know I can do it. I have such great examples of fitness all around me, especially in my family. So no excuses for me because it doesn't run in my family. My brothers are both fitness finatics, my husband's kept a steady course on his fitness journey and he looks great. It's my turn. How am I doing? I'm tracking it, right here:

I'm taking back what's mine, my body. I know that by the summer, as long as I'm consistent, my goal is attainable and I'm nothing but EXCITED. I joined my Biggest Loser competition at work. I regret not joining Sinai's BL Competition, but it's all good. I feel good. I feel determined to make this year my year, to take back my life. I'm going to do it one day at a time..... FITNESS FOR LIFE!

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  1. U go girl!!! Wooohooo!!!Cheers to a healthy lifestyle!!