Lana's Message from Santa...

Last year, I totally fell in love with your Elf on your Kassie's blog. This year Verlynn has shared something really awesome with me, for my little one. I thought your children might enjoy this and that you may also want pass it on and save it for the next years to come. It brought so much joy to see my daughter light up when she received Santa's Message.

Hello Siniva!

Thanks to you, Santa has sent a video message to Alana Magalei
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Thanks for using the PNP - Portable North Pole console and Happy Holidays!
So, I finally gave Alana her NPN (Santa Message) last night before bedtime. She was crazy excited. She couldn't believe Santa knew her by name and that he had her picture and knew what she wanted and all. She was so grateful and kept saying, "oh mommy I knew he was real, I knew it". She hugged and kissed me, then re-wrote her letter to Santa.
She removed all the toys off her Christmas list and filled in the blanks with Happy Family, Happy Friends, Happy Fun during Christmas Time, but one thing I question was Happy Teacher...I'm like Happy Teacher? Why, is she not happy? WTH? I'm... going to have to pay this school a visit. Anyways, her heart was filled with so much joy, that she remembered what we taught her last year- "The REASON for this SEASON". I feel truly blessed to have such a loving and beautiful girl. I know she will grow into a fine young woman. Thank you Lisa & Verlynn for NPN! It really made our night! Love it! :)

A special invitation from Santa!

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A special invitation from Santa!

I'll never forget that moment. She's special.

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  1. Oh I'm so happy that Alana loved it!! My two youngest were in Christmas heaven haha. Merry Christmas to you pretty girl Alana!